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In today’s technological world, business is not the only segment where we use projectors. Its application has risen extensively for students, theatres, hospitals, etc. What about streaming videos or watching movies with friends on that phone of yours? Is the screen too small? Grab the best mini LED projector to resolve this problem!

OHDERII Mini LED Projector Reviews

OHDERII Mini LED Projector

In this case, mini projectors can be great because they are meant to be portable while also having the same vigor as the large ones! And if they arrive with LED lighting, then you can’t have any complaints about the image quality! However, if you think you will get the same functionality or quality from them as the regular projectors, then you would be wrong; don’t expect the exceptional picture quality or surrounding sound system from mini LED projectors. However, they are still quite convenient to use.

There are some points that you should consider before grabbing your piece, which include:

  • Brightness
  • Resolution
  • Ease of use
  • Battery capacity
  • Connectivity with other gadgets
  • Portability

The Ohderii mini LED projector consists of many of these features. And trust us, you are not going to find this underwhelming at all! So, proceed to know more.

About OHDERII Mini LED Projector

OHDERII Mini LED Projector

For those who wish to enjoy a theatre-like experience at home, this can be the one for you! The mini LED projector is basically a combination of three things- bright, handy, and cost-effective. You can dissolve yourself in the exceptional video superiority. A secret? Just position it perpendicular to the wall you will be projecting on and see the results!

Want to know what makes this projector best? It’s because it contains the best video processor motion chip in it! The integrated speakers are quite good and perfectly safe around children. Apart from meetings and presentations, the mini LED projector is great for movies and Mario kart. And you will be glad to know, as it uses an LED bulb, the power consumption is meager. So there’s no chance of it blowing up or affecting your bills much.

The innumerable mounting options let you place the unit anywhere. The projector will give the same viewing experience even if it’s placed upside down or any other position that you need. And you can order this from Amazon at only $119. Who would have thought that projectors could be this cheap?

Design and Qualifications

OHDERII Mini LED Projector

The 3800-lumen projector adds an extra dimension to the picture quality. It supports a maximum 120-inch display. Viewing from different angles is so easy with this projector! Be it a 360p, 720p, or 1080p movie, the projector supports most of the high-quality resolutions, giving a much sharper view! The LED lighting results in sharp, colorful images.

Conversely, there are some lens imperfections that disrupt quality. When it comes to compatibility, it connects with a camera, PS4/PS3, PC, phone, TV, U-Disk, etc. devices. However, you might face issues while connecting it to Apple TV. Also, you have to change the sound setting of your Apple TV to a regular stereo, as it won’t support anything else. So, if you are a Netflix freak and love to watch movies or shows on large screens, then this projector is not suitable as it hardly connects.

Pros and Cons about OHDERII Mini LED Projector

OHDERII Mini LED Projector

The sound on this system is just alright — nothing fancy here. You may have to connect with a separate speaker for the best effects. Besides, while connecting with the internet or Apple TV, the sound may stop for a while. This is quite rare.

On the other hand, one of the biggest advantages of this mini projector is that it is remote controlled. Now, you don’t have to climb up to change the configurations of the projector. Do it while sitting in the most comfortable position! Apart from that, the setup is really easy, and it has RCA, HDMI, and the outdated VGA inputs with 3.5 mm jack for your benefit.

Although the mini projector claims to be ultra-quiet, the fan is a bit loud. It’s not very loud, but the word “ultra-quiet” can be misleading! On the contrary, look at the other sides. You can enjoy watching an exquisite slide show of your flawless PowerPoint presentation on this handy projector. Best part? It supports SD cards for gaming too!

One of the most significant disadvantages of this projector is that adjusting the video can be hard. It’s not a smooth transition. It won’t affect the display, though. It’s just more effort in adjusting the picture. Once it’s done, you will get excellent output. Also, did we forget to mention the 30,000-hour functioning life? Besides, the projector works the best at night backgrounds. So enjoy the late-night football games at your backyard now! Overall, these projectors can be mini solutions for your home theatre system.

Ohderii Mini Projector Specifications

  • Resolution- 720 x 1280
  • Contrast ratio- 1200:1
  • Scale Ratio- 16:10/16:9/4:3
  • Control center- Top-board button
  • Weight- 2.5 LBS
  • Audio Output & Installed Speaker
  • Supports multi-resolution
  • Subtle & lightweight
  • Convenient connection choices
  • Compatible with smartphone
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Remote controlled
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy transportation to outdoors
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Melting point at the bottom for hanging
  • Various connectivity options
  • Manual focus is gawky
  • Remote doesn't come with 2 AAA batteries
  • Better image quality available when compared with other expensive models

The Ohderii 3800 lumen projector is a reliable choice for anyone who wants a portable projector. We know that there are a few drawbacks that might stop you from buying the projector. But if you are looking for the functionality of a regular projector in a mini projector, then nothing can beat Ohderii. For the price you are paying, we would say the video quality is quite impressive. The same goes for the sound effects. And don’t forget about the several configurations offered by this mini LED projector.

All in all, we believe that this projector is worth your money! Just remember to optimize the light and brightness of your room for the best lighting effects.

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