Tea Table You need In Your Living Room

You’ve beautified your home with cutting edge furniture. Your living room is an elegant realm with ridiculously expensive art and monochrome couches. But you have this big space you need to fill in. And guess what? A tea table can be the best idea for a chic addition to this space.

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Walker Edison Furniture Reviews

Tea Table

When the British stomped over countries and infiltrated their tea culture, tea was one of the many things that eventually became their favourite. But Mrs Smith can’t host a tea party on the dining table. She needs an inviting flair, or the ladies might start shaming her for poor hosting skills. So, Mr. Smith comes in and trims down the legs of a dining table and the tea table was born in the 1970s. Although the Americans have a love of coffee, a tea table is still as popular as the increasingly desired coffee tables.

Tea tables and coffee tables have evolved quite a lot in comparison to their previous designs. They’re not necessarily tall and round, and most may even serve the purpose of making afternoon tea on them. There are some characteristics that are typical to these tables, though, including a height that may be the same as a couch or shorter than that of a sofa.

We have researched extensively to find you the best tea table for your living room, and we have come to the conclusion that the Walker Edison can be an outstanding addition to any home.

What you need to know about Walker Edison

Tea Table

The accent table by Walker Edison is the perfect tea table for your home. Finished with a black marble top, the Walker Edison is a contemporary symbol of style. You can look at the electrifying shades of white on the shiny black surface and tell that the table is the ideal ending for a charming home. Yet, it is subtle enough to complement any home and any decor.

The best part is that this stunning piece of furniture is affordable too. In fact, it is much cheaper than those regrettable designer shoes you bought last month because the young salesman said you look like you were meant to pose for a red carpet event!

Aside from that, the Walker Edison has a round surface and stands 17″ in height, which would be around the height of the pillows of your couch. The diameter of the tea table is 32″ and may be a bit large if your living room has low space. But, if your area is spacious, the Walker Edison can be quite an amazing room composer without being much visible due to its short height. So you get vibes of the upper class estate instead of a cramped room.

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Design and Speciality

Tea Table

Carrying a weight of 75 lbs, the Walker Edison is capable of carrying your stunning centerpieces or magazines that don’t fit in shelves. Out of the variety of Walker Edison tables, this Accent Table is a two-tier metal table with a slick faux marble layout. The lower tier is fitted with tempered safety glass to hold books and magazines for your guests to skim through.

Although faux marble is not appropriate for your dining table, as it may wear out over long periods of time, it is an innate beauty to the living room because it is subject to low use. Moreover, this faux marble slab has a UV or ultraviolet coating to ensure maximum gloss and resistance to moisture. A great thing about cultured or faux marble is that, unlike the real marble, it has no surface variations and the non-porous surface is exceptionally easy to clean.

Another feature of Walker Edison is that they use tempered safety glass in their furniture. Tempered safety glass is a toughened up and heat strengthened glass that passes through a high-tech cooling process. They are thus constructed to be 4 times stronger than traditional glass. These glasses can overcome even tornadoes. Its use in furniture is noted due to its resistance to thermal or heat stress and wind pressure – quite inviting for tea!

The tempered safety glass is used by Walker Edison on end tables, round and coffee tables. This glass is used in this accent tea table on the lower tier, so put your feet up all you want. The two tiers are constructed with a sturdy metal silver frame. These frames are available in their natural tone or in a brightened up golden shade. The pillars connect to their opposites at the bottom in an X-shaped line.

This faux marble accent tea table is a great alternative of the conventional wooden ones. You don’t have to worry about gluing up loose rungs for the bottom tier joints or sanding flimsy legs split. This tea table isn’t completely flawless though, as the laminated steel bars may not be as strong. But if you’re going for other gold pillars instead of the silver ones, the surface may chip off with constant use.

  • Looks like you spent a fortune on it
  • Sleek faux marble has long time gloss
  • 2 tier for extra storage
  • Wide surface for more room
  • Tempered safety glass can be abused
  • Absolutely stunning
  • Need to use non-abrasive cleaning products
  • Golden pillars may chip over time

The Walker Edison Accent table may be a hot trending piece of furniture that sets any room apart, but it has its drawbacks. You will have to avoid disinfectants with corrosive, abrasive substances and ensure scratch-free safekeeping. This includes the need to use coasters for your hot teapots of the top tier. But on top of all of that, this chic table looks like it belongs to the house of Leonardo Dicaprio. So, you have found, hands down, a keeper.

To sum up, the Walker Edison Accent Table, after painstaking days of research, is by far the best tea table of the century and comes at a great deal of $116.92. If you don’t want a poorly researched, somewhat fake-reviewed tea table that will break in a couple of years, this is for you. Happy Shopping!

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