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A significant amount of your planning for a fantastic trip depends on your journey time. And it is crucial to have a satisfying, relaxed traveling experience. The same goes for your kids. It is their right to have a pleasant experience while traveling, which is why you should invest in a good travel pillow for your kids. 

The best quality kids’ travel pillow will help them have a deep sleep. And this will keep them happy, sleepy, which will make your trip time more pleasant because a sleeping kid is easier to take care of than a restless child.

Keeping all these in our head, we have picked a comfortable travel pillow for kids, which is Cloudz Patterned Microbead Unicorn Travel Neck Pillow. This is a 15 years old company that has gained customer satisfaction. Be sure that in any airport around the globe, you will find airplanes and travel pillows by Cloudz!

Cloudz Patterened Microbead Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

Travel Pillow

Cloudz Unicorn Travel Pillow Design

It has a lovely and playful look that any kid will love it. It is colorful and well printed with unicorn illustrations that will make the kids feel that they have unicorns for real. A friend in the disguise of a pillow will make them happy. Keep them calm. It has vibrant rainbow straps. And the packaging of the product is also great.

It fits the neck very precisely. This fitting will give the user a relaxed experience; if it does not match to the neck, one can adjust the collar size of this kids’ travel pillow by the closing button. The microbeads are packed moderately, so rough use of the pillow will not change its shape.

It has a very smooth and comfortable fabric cover. So, people fall asleep pretty fast. And because of the smoothness and softness of cover and microbeads, people not only use it while traveling but also use it at home, while reading storybooks, watching tv, or even while doing nothing.

Cloudz Travel Pillow Performance

This is a position-independent pillow! That means it will never fail to provide you relaxing assistance. The beads are so small that they ripple into suitable positions for your kid’s head. The kid can rest on any side without the tubing running around because it sinks into the pillow and keeps excellent airflow. It will adjust to each possible position maintaining the shape. It is comfortably firm to retain its shape so that one can continuously be supplied with the best support. Snap closure will do this heavy-duty task for you.

It is great for lumbar support. One can use it frontwards like a massage board pad. Great for resting face forward. Just need to close the snap.

You can easily attach it to your luggage. Just lock around the grip of your bag, trunk, or to your backpack to connect it. This convenient feature will give you disturbance-free travel.

Cloudz Unicorn Travel Pillow Specifications:

  • Pillow Dimensions: 12 x 13 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Fill Material: Polystyrene Beads
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Color: Unicorn

Cloudz Unicorn Travel Pillow Pros and Cons:

Travel Pillow

What we like:

  • It can adjust the pressure.
  • Very light in weight to keep it around the neck while sleeping.
  • Can serve multiple purposes
  • It provides excellent support to the back and neck. Back pain will be a past.
  • Lasts longer than usual travel pillow.
  • It has 2 sides so you can choose soft and slightly furry or uniform silk.
  • Very soft, comfortable, and adjustable.
  • It can be a savior in freezing weather. It will provide you a comfortable, warm contact.

What we do not like:

  • The inner stitching can be uncomfortable while it rubs your neck.
  • The neck opening is made small for kids. So, adults may face problems while using it.
  • It is a huge pillow that can block the user’s view.
  • It is a little cumbersome to move with, but if you can manage to carry it, it will not be a problem.
  • Gets loose over time.

Travel Pillow

Should You Buy it?

Cloudz is a very well-known company that produces travel pillows for kids. They offer guarantees, so one can buy the product with confidence. Cloudz has become the first choice for the best quality pillow over a decade.

You can buy it to use it for multiple purposes. It can be a good company on the go or at home. From bus or airplane chair to your comfortable bed. It will be your faithful servant. Highly recommend for people who are facing problems while sleeping because of stress on their ears and ear lobes. This will let you nap well without your head bobbing. Even though you are buying it for your kid, but you can use it when he is not around. You can adjust the neck according to your need.

It is hard to find such a pillow filled with premium, rich and exclusive microbeads within this price. It can be a great deal with so little cost and too many facilities.

While traveling by car, flying an airplane, or any other transport other than a boat, a comfortable sitting arrangement, and a travel neck pillow are as essential as salt for food. This travel pillow has a very colorful, engaging, unicorn print, which is fascinating. Also, product service is entirely satisfactory. It offers a quality product at a low price. It is excellent for head support, so the child will not feel unsteady while sleeping. Very seriously maintains its shape despite giving comfortable flexibility. Over time it gets a bit loose, but this process also takes a lot of time as it has long durability. This pillow comes with many reasons to buy it, and we have the brand name and reputation as a bonus. It can be a great pillow, as well as a toy for your sweet, adorable child.

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