Best Pancake Pans in 2020 | Lightweight & Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t love pancakes? These delectable goodies can be topped over with different syrups and flavors, so why not alter their shapes a bit as well? With our Top 10 Pancake Pans, you shape your pancakes for kids however they want them to be!

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Top 10 Pancake Pans in 2020



This 7 cupped pancake pan comes with different shapes that you can alter your pancakes into. The product is light blue, making it look super cute and stylish in the kitchen. This durable and cute silicone pancake pan is ideal for parents with young kids who like munching on different shaped breakfast items. The pancake pan is 17 inches in length.

  • Strong, aluminum built
  • Easy to clean silicone handle and spatula
  • Different animal-shaped molds are cute.

9. Goodful


The next pancake pan on this list is this incredible charcoal gray colored flat pan by Goodful. The pancake pan has an 11 inch square shape, complete with non-stick middle. The pan comes with a pancake turner as well for effortless cooking.

  • The high quality non-stick flat grill
  • Lightweight and dishwasher safe
  • Convenient pancake turner included.

8. Ecolution


This 11 inches Ecolution pancake pan is ideal for those who are constantly struggling with burnt cakes and eggs. The non-stick formula of the pancake pan works to prevent a hot spot from burning in the middle and around the sides of it. The pan is made of high-quality aluminum and comes with an insulated handle for easy removal from the heat.

  • Lightweight product
  • The pancake pan is dishwasher safe
  • The non-stick coating will last a long time.

7. Cuisinart


The next pancake pan on our list is this incredible flat and lightweight black pan by Cuisinart. The pan is made of really hard aluminum that has been anodized beforehand. The middle portion of the pancake pan is properly coated with a non-stick substance as well, to prevent hot-spot burning.

  • Stable, flat, and balanced interior design
  • The stainless steel handle is insulated to prevent heating
  • Rounded rims provide easy pouring of pancakes into plates.

6. Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware

This best Nordic Ware pancake pan comes with 7 large molds for easy and fast cooking. The product is completely non-stick, so you can use any kind of pancake mix that you want. The handle of the pan is easy to hold onto, and will not heat up either.

  • The product is hand washable
  • 7 convenient molds for easier and faster cooking
  • Made of lightweight aluminum.

5. Norpro


If you want to attempt making stuffed pancakes for a change, this pancake pan by Norpro might be just the one for you! The product is constructed with really heavy-duty aluminum material, which is further coated with a non-stick material. This black-colored pancake pan has deep molds for easy stuffing and topping syrups to be poured into.

  • Durable cast-aluminum pancake pan heats up real quick
  • The convenient insulated handle is easy to hold onto
  • Deep molds are ideal for stuffed pancakes.

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The FRUITEAM pancake pan is ideal for those who are constantly on the move. This black colored 18.5 inch pancake pan comes with 7 molds that you can pour pancake batter into simultaneously. The pan is lightweight, as it is made from die-cast aluminum material.

  • Non-stick middle portion
  • The Bakelite handle is easy to grasp onto while the pan is heated
  • Thick-layered bottom prevents burning.

3. CucinaPro


This unicorn mold-equipped pancake pan by CucinaPro is the one you should get if you have little girls in your house. The cute unicorn-shaped molds are deep enough and can easily cook 7 medium-sized pancakes at the same time. The product is made of high-quality aluminum metal.

  • The pan is completely non-stick
  • The handle of the pan is really easy to hold onto
  • Fun and cute unicorn-shaped molds.



Similar to the previous FRUITEAM pancake pan that we reviewed, this pan also comes with 7 shaped molds for cute pancake cooking. The molds in this pancake pan are shaped as smiley’s and come completely coated with a non-stick substance for easier and faster cooking. The pan has a thick bottom layer as well, to prevent burning.

  • This pancake pan is heavy enough to be used on gas stoves
  • Strong and sturdy aluminum body
  • Convenient bakelite handle.



If you want to forego the multiple molds on a pancake pan, then this individual heart-shaped pancake pan by Norpro is the one you need to get. This aluminum pancake pan is made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum material. You can find this single pancake pans in 3 other different shapes, allowing you to choose the one you like best.

  • Large enough to cook a yummy, chewy pancake
  • Non-stick flat pan
  • The handle is strong and easy to hold onto.

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Gone are the days when pancakes would just be round in shape. Take a chance and invest in one of our Top 10 Pancake Pans to cook your loved ones a delicious and scrumptious meal for breakfast!

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