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A smart home speaker’s importance is indisputable, from the rich sound when listening to music to amplifying voice commands and alarms. In fact, there are various smart home speakers that we often come across in the market. However, not all the speakers are worthy of your money. With this fact in mind, this article gives you all the necessary tips to assist you in choosing the right product. Other than that, you can guarantee yourself exemplary services. It gives you all the information you need to know about the best smart home speakers to buy. It highlights essential details such as the features, design, and operation of every device in the list. Check it out!

Top 10 Smart Home Speaker In 2020

10. All-new Echo (4th Gen)

All-new Echo (4th Gen)

If you are looking for detailed and rich sound, this smart home speaker will do the trick. After all, it offers deep bass, clear highs, and dynamic mids. You can use it to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and radio stations. One can also stream music from SiriusXM, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Its flexible design makes it an excellent choice for several tasks: controlling some smart home devices, setting alarms, checking the weather, watching the news, answering questions, and playing music. Its quality and that of the sound are amazing.

  • Multiple layers of protection for privacy
  • Allows hands-free calls
  • Easy to setup

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9. Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Echo Plus (2nd Gen) 

This smart home can do many things, including playing music, locking doors, adjusting thermostats, playing games, tracking fitness, and turning on lights. It allows you to control your smart home and simplifies setting schedules and maintaining routines.

Its design makes it compatible with SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. You get to play music in different rooms thanks to the multi-room music as long as the Echo devices are compatible. Its sound is clear and rich, whereas the device is durable.

  • Easy to set up and control because of an in-built Zigbee hub
  • Versatile and flexible when it comes to tasks
  • Broad compatibility with an array of sound sources
  • Multiple layers of controls for the sake of your privacy

8. Echo Studio

Echo Studio 

Whether you intend to answer questions, read or play music, this smart home speaker will not disappoint. It allows you to stream music from Tidal, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

It has up to 5 speakers resulting in immersive sound characterized by crisp highs. Dynamic midrange and powerful bass. It uses the Dolby Atmos technology responsible for its enhanced depth and clarity. The voice can be of an even higher quality with the Amazon Music HD supporting 3D, UltraHD, and HD formats.

  • Built-in Alexa to easily control compatible smart devices
  • Doesn’t compromise privacy due to multiple control layers
  • Serves as intercom facilitating communication throughout the house
  • High quality sound as it automatically adapts depending on the room

7. Sonos One SL

Sonos One SL

Audible and rich sound is what everyone is looking for when buying a smart home speaker. Fortunately, this product offers you precisely that. It is also easy to control them with Apple Airplay 2 or Sonos app.

It has a compact design hence space-saving. Consequently, it is possible to place it anywhere, including an office bookshelf and a kitchen countertop. The fact that it is humidity resistant means that you can also put it in your bathroom.

  • Easy to control with Apple Airplay 2 and Sonos app
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Uses WiFi connection
  • Weighs 4.08 pounds only

6. Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in

Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in

This smart home speaker will change your music listening experience as soon as you decide to buy it. Its wall to wall stereo sound will fill any room that you put the speaker, no doubt. Thanks to its compatibility with Apple Airplay 2, Bluetooth, and WIFI, you get to stream music from Spotify’s likes.

Its design gives you several ways of controlling the same. You can choose to use the Bose music app, top controls, or voice. After all, it has built-in voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

  • It is compatible with other Bose smart speakers
  • Its microphone will relay your sound when giving commands as straightforward as possible
  • Connects with other devices using WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Easy to control

5. Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bose smart home speaker is a portable device that features a fantastic design, firm structure, and excellent sound output. It comes with inbuilt Alexa voice control for easy use and maximum convenience. Not to mention, it includes a stable Bluetooth connection.

This smart home speaker is a 4.09 by 4.69 by 7.56 inches device with a unique and elegant design. It is lightweight to ease its portability and management process. Also, the technology is simple but powerful.

  • It weighs up to 2.34 pounds
  • The speaker is compatible with other devices
  • Strong Bluetooth and WiFi connection
  • Lightweight to ease its transport

4. Echo Studio- High-Fidelity Smart Speaker

Echo Studio- High-Fidelity Smart Speaker 

Echo studio smart home speakers are the best answers to fantastic sound output. Why not when the speaker blends in unique technology and extraordinary performance. The high-fidelity speakers have a built-in Alexa voice control for maximum convenience.

This smart home speaker has a compact and straightforward design that eases its use and portability, respectively. Its base is broad to help the device settle on many surfaces. In addition to that, these speakers are affordable for all to buy.

  • It has universal adaptability to different places
  • Compatible with several devices
  • It is easy to control your music via voice control
  • Powerful bass

3. iHome Google Assistant Built-in

iHome Google Assistant Built-in 

This device gives you a chance to listen to clear and powerful music at all times. It is an iHome smart home speaker that combines excellent sound output and outstanding construction. Also, it acts as a watch and includes a USB charging port. Take your music listening experience to a whole new level with this product.

iHome smart home speakers have a lightweight construction, which makes it easy to carry the speaker everywhere. The compact design also adds to the comfort of the device. Other than that, it includes a large and broad base area to settle on different surfaces.

  • Small in size
  • Stable WiFi and Bluetooth connection
  • Inbuilt Google assistant to help you control the speaker

2. Sonos Move- Battery-Powered mart Speaker

Sonos Move- Battery-Powered mart Speaker

Sonos smart home speaker is a battery-powered device with powerful bass. It features a great structure, fantastic performance, and the design is outstanding. Other than that, it comes with convenient features that add to the comfort of the users.

This home speaker has a black color setting to suit different homes. The wide base area allows the device to rest comfortably on other surfaces. It is available in two colors. As a result of that, you can comfortably settle for the right color.

  • Inbuilt Alexa voice control setting
  • It is portable thanks to its wireless feature
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • It weighs up to 6.61 pounds

1. Sony XB402G Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Google Assistant

Sony XB402G Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Google Assistant

Sony smart home speakers are the top devices on our list. They have the highest rank, thanks to the unique features and powerful operation mechanism. It is a wireless device that eases its portability, use, and management. Other than that, the speaker is reliable and available at an affordable price.

Similar to all other devices from Sony, this product includes a significant operation and unique construction. It consists of a simple but striking design that quickly grabs attention from all who come across the product.

  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Inbuilt Google Assistant feature
  • It weighs up to 4.19 pounds

Smart home speakers play a significant role when it comes to indoor entertainment. It means listening to your favorite music in the comfort of your room and with a powerful tool. However, with the options available in the market, choosing the right device is challenging. This article gives you a conclusive summary of the top smart home speakers you can consider buying. The options above are reliable, robust, and convenient for all.

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