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5 Best Digital Shower Controller In 2020

Do you have the thought of investing in a digital shower controller? If yes, that’s commendable since setting up water temperature will be a breeze, no doubt. This article is the ultimate place to get your top choices. It gives all the essential details about digital controllers to help customers settle for the right item. Consider the list to get a safe purchase and receive excellent services. It highlights the top five best digital shower controllers that you can buy in 2020. We give details about the construction, design, and features of every item in the list below.

5. KOHLER K-558-7

KOHLER K-558-7

This product is a high-class digital shower controller from the KOHLER manufacturer. It blends in style and functionality. With that, the device not only looks great but delivers maximum services to its users. The simple construction eases its use and makes it convenient for all customers.

It has a black color finish that matches multiple home decors. It comes with a large LCD for an easy and read the setting of the temperature and time feedback. The device also includes one-touch buttons for easy control and adjustment settings.

  • Large LCD for an easy to read experience of the settings
  • A pause feature to temporary pause the water flow for at most two minutes
  • Touch button to adjust the shower settings

4. GOWE digital Shower Set thermostatic bathroom Shower Controller

GOWE digital Shower Set thermostatic bathroom Shower Controller

GOWE digital shower controller is a high-class device that helps you adjust and control various settings when taking a shower. It comes with an 8-inch head shower with a touch panel. Also, it includes a sturdy construction for full services.

This device has a white color finish that matches different bathroom decors. It is lightweight for easy operation and portability. The LCD will help you show the various settings of a shower at a time. Other than that, this digital shower controller is affordable and readily available for all to buy.

  • An easy to read LCD
  • Lightweight to ease its management
  • Easy to operate

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3. KOHLER K-558-1SN DTV Prompt Three-Outlet Digital Interface

KOHLER K-558-1SN DTV Prompt Three-Outlet Digital Interface

This product is yet another product from the KOHLER manufacturers. Like all the other products from the production company, it includes a high-class construction, fantastic design and delivers exemplary performance. Also, the product is readily available at a fair price for all to buy.

It features a three-outlet interface. It includes a lightweight and small construction for easy portability and management. Also, the device comes with an LCD to help you read through the different settings.

  • Lightweight
  • Three-outlet digital interface
  • Large LCD setting

2. Moen Shower Smart Home Connected Digital Bathroom Controller

Moen Shower Smart Home Connected Digital Bathroom Controller

Get a digital shower controller to keep a tab on your shower settings every time you take a bath. The manufacturer combines a unique design, impressive construction, and a robust operation setting. Other than that, the Moen shower controllers are pocket-friendly.

Moen digital shower controller has a simple but effective construction. It has a 2-outlet digital interface. The easy to mount on the wall settings makes managing the device more straightforward, especially when taking a shower.

  • A large LCD to show the shower settings
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Two colors options are available in the market

1.  KOHLER K-99693-NA DTV Plus Digital Interface

KOHLER K-99693-NA DTV Plus Digital Interface

This product is the top digital shower controller you can come across in the market. It is from the KOHLER Production Company. Similarly to all the manufacturer’s devices, it blends in a high-class construction, fantastic design, and a robust operation mechanism. Not to mention, it has a DTV plus digital interface.

KOHLER plus digital shower controller has a simple design but a powerful operation mechanism. It includes a large LCD that allows users to read the settings of your shower. Other than that, the operation mechanism is easy and reliable.

  • A large LCD
  • It has a DTV plus digital interface
  • Easy to use

Consider the list above to settle for the best digital shower controllers. All the options above are worthy of your money, but they vary when it comes to the construction and operation mechanisms. In that case, you can get the right item easily as per your taste and preferences. Settle for one of these digital shower controllers today for excellent services.

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