Best Garden Gloves in 2020 | For Heavy Gardening

When it comes to garden gloves, there are just so many options. With so many styles, material and price points, it is not easy to shop for garden gloves. How are you going to know which one suits your needs the best? Are thorns an issue for you while gardening? Or is comfort and warmth more important to you as you’ll be spending long hours in the garden across different weather conditions? Are the extra benefits of the latest, fanciest product really necessary for you?

Well, firstly, you need to understand garden gloves come in varieties because each product specializes in a specific gardening function. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 garden gloves in the market to inform you about what they’re good for and help you find pairs that are just perfect for your gardening style.

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Top 10 Garden Gloves in 2020

10.Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Work Gloves

Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Work Gloves

Made from goatskin, these gloves are supple and soft. At the same time, they’re also incredibly tough. These garden gloves are perfect for doing heavy gardening chores. Due to their toughness, you won’t have to worry about your gloves getting cut or pierced. All the while, the softness ensures that you stay comfortable.

  • 100% premium natural goatskin
  • A texture that is as soft as butter
  • Soft lining and elasticized wrists
  • Keystone thumbs for easy gripping

9. StoneBreaker Gloves

StoneBreaker Gloves

These garden gloves, with their appealing bright yellow coloring, is an excellent option all-around for all sorts of tasks related to gardening. With these on, you can work inside thick, thorny shrubs without worrying about getting scratched. It is made from thick, durable leather that is comfortable to wear. The Velcro closure and extended cuffs help ensure the protection of your hands.

  • Classic farm and ranch look
  • Double Sewn Seams
  • Genuine thick leather

8. Bamboo Working Gloves

Bamboo Working Gloves

The perfect combination of flexibility and durability. These garden gloves help with after rain tasks such as fixing up wet soil. Breathability and ease of use are the focal points of these gloves. Another plus point is the different sizes available.

  • Breathable bamboo keeps your hands cool
  • Comfortable and durable hand protection
  • Easy on sensitive fingers

7. CCBetter Rose Pruning Gloves

CCBetter Rose Pruning Gloves

Also made from goatskin, these gloves cover your arms as well to protect you from thorns. As they’re meant to be worn while operating thorny shrubs, the outer layer is especially tough and highly resistant to scratches. The thickness makes it a bit heavier, so it’s ideal to have a second lightweight pair for doing the less intense, day to day gardening chore

  • Full protection leather
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Elbow-length gauntlet

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6. Atlas Nitrile Tough Glove

Atlas Nitrile Tough Glove

Set apart by having nitrile coating that offers hand protection. These garden gloves are lightweight, meaning you will have a much easier time doing routine gardening chores. With a variety of colors to choose from, these gloves will surely meet your aesthetic needs as well.

  • Tough and durable for lightweight gloves
  • Extremely versatile
  • Fits just like a second skin

5. American Heritage Perfect Gardener Glove

American Heritage Perfect Gardener Glove

Yet another goatskin option. While it may be hard to work for a length of time wearing thick gloves, the added comfort greatly reduces the stress put on your hands. This one comes with seamless palms and an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. Like the other goatskin option, these garden gloves are thick and puncture-proof

  • Stays supple even after getting wet
  • Large range of sizes
  • Seamless palms
  • Extra toughness

4. Rose Pruning Gloves

Rose Pruning Gloves

And the list of goatskin gloves continues. This material is really the best choice for toughness and protection. These particular gloves add on to the experience of working with thick, tough gloves by having high flexibility and comfort. Elbow-long suede cuffs make it perfect for operating on thorny plants such as roses and cactuses. The suede also adds to the stylistic appeal.

  • Premium goat grain
  • Buttery soft texture
  • Extended split suede cuff
  • Flexible and pliable

3. HydraHyde Cold Weather Work Glove

HydraHyde Cold Weather Work Glove

If you’re working long hours in the garden, the chilly air and lack of moisture make you feel like your fingertips are about to come off. These gloves help with just that. Lightly insulted, these gloves provide protection from the cold while offering the required flexibility for your pruning needs.

  • Latex coating
  • Thermal knit shell
  • Strong grip
  • Perfect for outdoor projects

2. Water Resistant Garden and Work Gloves

Water Resistant Garden and Work Gloves

Adjustable wrists make this one perfect for people who struggle with regular gloves due to their small hands. Made from genuine leather, the reinforced fingertips prevent your fingers from getting fatigued easily while doing tedious garden chores. These garden gloves also have excellent grip requiring you to exert less energy.

  • Water-resistant leather
  • Adjustable wrist
  • Use of spandex
  • Range of uses

1.Deerskin Working Gloves

Deerskin Working Gloves

A more stylistic choice. These lightweight gloves are superb for pretty much everything except for pruning and intense digging. The slick design and the padded suede palms of these gloves speak volumes in terms of aesthetics. The bright pink patterns make it easy its spot as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the yard.

  • Premium genuine deerskin
  • Double foam padded palm
  • Waterproof
  • Elastic wrist making it, “One Size Fits All.”

Now that you have read the article, you can decide which glove will be best for you. You will find all the products are available on amazon. Happy shopping.


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