Garden Hose Reel Review: Liberty Garden 704

Liberty Garden 704 Hose Reel Review

A hose can be pretty messed up if you don’t have any tool that can keep it tidy. That’s why a hose reel has been designed that solved half of the issues for garden owners. Not only it stores the hose, but it lets you pull it out and restore it again safely. But just having a hose reel is not enough; you will need to get the right one. And this 704 by Garden Liberty can be that one. This product helps give you more control over the hose. Not just that, it also has lots of other features that can benefit you. So, if you are looking for the best hose reel, we would recommend you go with this product.

If you ask why? Then, you will need to go through the review below. Here, we have talked about the product in detail.

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Liberty Garden 704 Design:

The 704-hose reel impresses first with its decorative design in bronze color. Hence, it can go with any kind of wall, except for one or two. There will be four 3/8inch diameter holes so you can attach it easily to the wall. The dimensions of 704 are around 15.38 inches high by 22.75 inches wide by 15 inches deep. So, it will be pretty huge yet portable. The big plus is that the product has enough space to hold 125-foot of 5/8inch hose of different materials, be it of rubber or vinyl. The weight of the hose will not matter either to this solid product.

Above the orbit house, it has a shelf section to give you more convenience. It comes 7inches by 14inches in size that is sufficient enough to store and organize different kinds of stuff after work. You can easily keep water-wand, small sprinkler, hose gun, garden nozzles, and other tools you frequently use. Speaking more of convenience, the brand delivers the product fully assembled. So, you will just need to affix the handle, then mount it to the wall. And you are all set.

Liberty Garden 704 Performance:

Liberty Garden 704 Hose Reel

The reel can definitely wind the garden hose with ease. You can effortlessly pull the hose out of it and re-wind it. As for the material, the hose reel has been made of heavy gauge aluminum. It is not only solid but anti-corroded too. So, you can expect it to last long without the rust even touching it. Not just the rust, the orbit house, and o-ring avert elements like dirt too, thanks to the weather-resistant powder coat. Even after months of heavy uses, users loved how it stood strong and solid.

Moreover, the aluminum and brass fittings are also there that work to increase stability. You will get a 5-foot leader hose, too, so you can affix it to your outdoor water faucet without problems. Plus, users love the product for its easy portability. It comes in just 11.60 pounds, so it’s pretty lightweight. We also found many positive reviews for its ease of use. So, there are lots of reasons to love this hose reel.

However, there are many users who complained about the swivel connector. They mentioned that it occasionally leaked that disappointed them. It also was difficult for them to stop the leakage unless they sealed the o-right tight. In such a case, we would recommend you get a replacement if it ever happens.

There are many who also remarked about the flimsy handle and fitting that also were regarded as a big con. Other than these, users love the hose reel as a whole.

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Liberty Garden 704 Specifications

  • Hose Capacity: 125’ of 5/8”
  • Material: Heavy Gauge Aluminum
  • 16inches holes for mounting.
  • Four 3/8inch Diameter Holes for Mounting.
  • 5-foot Leader Hose
  • Brass Swivel
  • Shelf for storage.
  • Color: Bronze
  • Height: 15.38inches.
  • Width: 22.75inches.
  • Depth: 15inches
  • Weight: 11.60 pounds
  • Warranty- One year.

Liberty Garden 704 Pros and Cons:

What we like:

  • Absolutely free of rust.
  • Protect against contaminants.
  • Shelf lets you store different kinds of tools with ease.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It can last very long.
  • Design is attractive.
  • Easy to attach to the wall.
  • It comes pre-assembled.
  • Light hence it’s easy to carry.
  • You can pull the hose easily and re-wind it.
  • It comes with a 5-foot leader hose.

What we don’t like:

  • Swivel connect is likely to leak occasionally that is hard to stop.
  • The handle is easy to come off.
  • The fitting can break easily too.

Should you buy it?

Of course, you should. There are many hose reels that have the potential to get corroded once you start neglecting it. But, 704 hose reels by Liberty Garden are made of anti-rust aluminum material that can protect it from rust and other elements too.

Although it can be a bit on the pricier side, its durability is worth the money. Plus, you will also get a year of warranty if you find any defect after use. That’s not the only reason; it has also impressed users because of its ease of use and convenience. The shelf will be there to let you store stuff while holding the hose.

The hose reel plays a big role in keeping the hose tidy, for which purchasing the solid one becomes necessary. After going through a lot of the options, we found Liberty Garden Products 704 to be one of the best. It’s not only us who think it’s a great hose reel for use; you will find the majority of users who believe the same. The decorative design looks attractive, and the aluminum material feels solid plus long-lasting.

Moreover, you will find it handy enough to water the garden efficiently. Although there are some cons that have let down the users, these should not demotivate you while purchasing the product. Since the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages, we think it will be a wonderful tool to own.

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