Watering Can Review: Behrens 210

Behrens 210 Watering Can Review

Watering Can

When you have green lives growing around you, one tool that you have to own is a watering can. But not all the products will guarantee durability, especially the ones made of plastic. If you love a sustainable product, then Behrens 210 Watering Can is something you should grab. It has used stainless steel for the construction that will not only last long but withstand heavy use too.

When it comes to Behrens, the brand has been winning the hearts of its consumers since 1911 with its products. It’s all because of the quality they provide. And with this watering can, you can say the same. So, if you want something solid, we would suggest you take a look at this review. We have highlighted all the reasons that make it an amazing item.

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Behrens 210 Design:

This watering can by Behrens comes straight in silver. The first thing you will notice about the product is its vintage look. Users love both the appearance and color. It comes in 14 inches high by 19.5 inches wide by 11 inches deep. So, it’s quite big enough and can hold 2.5 gallons of water. There is a very big opening, too, so you can effortlessly fill it up with water. To add more, the watering can have a sprinkling rose head that comes fixed permanently to the spigot. The brand has even suggested you avoid separating both as it can cause damages. However, we found many users who hated the fixed part. You may also struggle with cleaning the product because of it.

In addition to the sprinkler, the watering can feature a side handle that is thick enough to provide comfort for hands. So, you can easily grab and hold it for a longer period. Besides, there is another handle on top that you can swing. It has a spare metal folded into it, which creates a rounded edge, so you get the same comfort. The surrounding edges do feel smooth, but the surface texture may feel rough. Albeit, the first touch can be slightly awkward, but you won’t feel it after some time.

Behrens 210 Performance:

Coming in silver, the Behrens 210 has been made of high-quality hot-dipped stainless steel with a zinc finish. So, you can already guess how long-lasting it will be. The watering can promise to resist dent, rust, and weather elements too. It also means you can use it outdoor as well as indoor. So, it will be a very convenient tool to sprinkle water over the plant anywhere you go.

Moreover, the material can be infinitely recycled without the loss of quality. So, it is surely non-degradable. Moreover, it is also rodent-proof, which means no living beings can damage it at all.

Apart from durability, the Behrens 210 watering can ensure smooth showering too. Although some users felt that the holes were a bit tiny, they fixed the issue by drilling and making them bigger. Since it is an easy job, you can do the same if you want to increase the flow rate more. And since it holds lots of water, it will take much time to finish in one go. Although some users felt the sprinkling pattern to be wide, that caused a little inconvenience, they loved using the product anyway.

Another great thing about the product is that it does not absorb odor. You won’t even get any weird smell that many other cans have when opened out of the box. Moreover, the Behrens 210 weighs only 4.7 pounds. It means the watering can not add extra weight to the can after you fill up with water.

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Behrens 210 Specifications:

watering can

  • Dimensions: 14 inches high by 19.5 inches wide by 11 inches deep
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds.
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel with a zinc finish.
  • Capacity: 2.5 gallons of water.
  • Two handles, one on top, one at the side.
  • Fixed rose head.
  • Vintage look.

Pros and Cons:

What we liked:

  • Durable material that is both rust and weather-resistant.
  • The material is non-degradable and recyclable.
  • Rodent proof.
  • It is very lightweight without the water filled up.
  • Edges are smooth, so no chance of cutting hand.
  • Two handles make it convenient to hold and grab the can.
  • It showers water smoothly.
  • The vintage appearance is attractive.
  • It does not dent easily.
  • It does not have any odor, neither it absorbs odor.
  • It is great for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • It can hold a lot of water.
  • Big opening to fill it up with water easily.
  • It is very well-balanced.

What we didn’t like:

  • The surface texture is rough, so you may feel a bit awkward.
  • The rose head comes permanently fixed, so cleaning it can be a hassle.
  • The sprinkling pattern is a little wide.
  • Sprinkler holes should be a bit bigger.

Should you buy it?

Yes, you should buy Behrens 210 because it provides you with all the benefits it promises. Starting from its quality to its performance, the watering can have everything. Some users felt it a bit pricy, but they claimed it to be worth purchasing.

The biggest feature is that you can use it inside the home and outside too. With 2.5 gallons of water in it, you can surely enjoy sprinkling it over the plants.

When it comes to durability, the Behrens 210 watering can is able to impress you. Having been made of tough stainless steel, it resists elements and rust too. Not just that, you will find it very easy to use and sprinkle, thanks to its lightweight trait.

Moreover, the brand included two handles so you can grab the watering can and carry it around easily. So, there are several reasons to love Behrens 210. If you are looking for a watering can that ensures long-lasting performance, then we recommend this product. There are a few cons, but they are minor anyway.

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