Wireless Home Security System Review

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

wireless home security system

It is no secret that east or west home is the best. And this fact explains why everyone loves and enjoys being at home. However, safe is a big word, and there are products that you ought to include. One of these products includes wireless home security system. This device is the safest and most reliable security system you can invest in your home.

This SimpliSafe wireless home security system is an 8-piece device that offers 24/7 professional security checks. For maximum convenience, the system is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. And just like its name suggests, it provides a safe and straightforward life. In addition to that, it is currently available at a pocket-friendly price for all to buy. Invest in these high-class wireless home security systems for a safe environment.

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Wireless Home Security System

The SimpliSafe wireless home security system has a lightweight and small-size construction for easy portability, management, and use. It comes with a white color setting to match different home decors. The manufacturer includes a simple structure that allows you to use the system to protect your home right out of the storage box. This product comes with a pioneering signal technology that is extra powerful and successfully covers most homes. Its area signal coverage runs up to 1000 ft. range. Thanks to the straightforward design, it is easy to operate the security system even when you are at the beginners’ level.


SimpliSafe wireless home security systems have various features that make the device more comfortable and guarantees you excellent services. Other than that, the features help you discover the operation of the security systems.

Professional monitoring: This feature is one of the best settings that this wireless home security system includes. It is a wireless provider that offers professional monitoring services 24/7. The service allows you to guarantee your maximum home security even when you are not at home. It works in a way where your emergency respondents will get details about your security issues. In most cases, the respondents will check on the problem immediately.

Sensors: Sometimes, you don’t need extra security every time there is a security breach; it means that it is the right time to advance to the next level. And this is the wireless home security system. The SimpliSafe wireless home security system comes with motion sensors, window sensors, and door sensors connected with the control panel system. With that, you receive notification after an entry happens in your home.

Panic Button: Instincts can tell when things are not going in the right direction, especially when dealing with your safety. And this is where a panic button comes to your rescue. It is an extra security feature right next to your bedside. The quality will help you notify the emergency respondent in case of an inside security breach

Basic Station: It is the brain of the SimpliSafe wireless home security system. The set comes with a 95dB inbuilt siren


SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

Every time a massive amount of residents invest in a new item with more advanced technology, their brains play mind games, especially in the installation section. All they think about is how the installation process is complicated and will require extra labor. However, that is not always the case. These are simple tricks about installing the wireless home security system.

  • Choose the best location to install the panel of the system. Usually, you only need a hammer and a small nail
  • The next step involves placing sensors and detectors around your home. In most cases, manufacturers include a peel and stick backing to hold the system in place
  • Its final step involves testing the system to make sure that the system is operating in the right way


One of the most vital considerations to keep in mind when purchasing any system is general performance. And for the SimpliSafe wireless home security system, things are not different. It delivers high-class security using motion sensors. The sensors operate in such a way that they can notice when an outsider gets to your home. Also, your emergency respondent will receive a message to check if anything is okay in your home.

The professional monitoring features make sure that you have experts monitoring your home 24/7. This fact makes sure that it is almost impossible for your safety to be compromised. Other than that, the 95dB built-in siren gives an alarm sound to alert you in case of anything.


SimpliSafe wireless home security system is the top best system that you can come across in the market today. Why not, when the system is wireless, easy to use, and delivers exemplary performance. Some of the advantages of the system include:

  • Professional monitoring cost is manageable since the ratings are average. And with this fact, you can maintain top-class security with a few extra dollars
  • Wireless operation setting allows you to install, operate and manage the security system wirelessly
  • The wireless home security system comes with motion sensors that deliver cellular monitoring to help you discover any security breach at an early stage


There is no good thing without its disadvantages. And this security system is no different. These are some of the essential cons you must consider when settling for this product:

  • Advanced settings such as mobile alerts are unavailable in the basic monitoring plan, which means that you have to invest more
  • It does not give you an option of smart home devices

With the rapid advancement of technology, we can now do anything, especially when it comes to our homes’ security system. This wireless home security system allows the customer to install and connect your system professionally to a security center without wires. Other than high-class technology, the product is an easy portability and installation process. It works in a more comfortable and more convenient setting in comparison to wired security systems. Some of the best features include motion sensors, window sensors, and more. When investing in a wireless home security system, it is vital to keep in mind all the details above. Consider the information above and settle for this fantastic SimpliSafe wireless home security system to keep your home safe.

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