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It is very common for children over four to want the LEGO architecture. Parents also buy their children these as it helps children learn about famous architectural buildings around the world. It also comes in a wide range so children can learn more. There are 32 of these LEGO architecture sets, so take a look at our list of top 10 LEGO architectures and get yourself the best one right away!

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Top 10 Lego Architecture Sets in 2021

10. LEGO 21045

LEGO 21045

The LEGO 21045 is a LEGO architecture of the Trafalgar square building of the United Kingdom which is based in London. It is designed just like the interior of the national gallery, two fountains, two buses and two cabs, six lamp posts and the Nelson’s column surrounded by four lions.


Can be built with other sets for creative building

9. LEGO 21051

LEGO 21051

The LEGO 21051 has 547 pieces of legos and this LEGO architecture is for people who are 16+. The set is made with the most ideal buildings of the city of Tokyo, Japan which include the mode Gakuen Cocoon tower, the Tokyo tower, Chidorigafuchi Park and other buildings.


Can be used as a centerpiece.

8. LEGO 21054

LEGO 21054

The LEGO 21054 is a LEGO architecture of the White House building based in Washington DC, which is the house to the president of the United States Of America. It is an exact copy of the white house and it includes designs like the Executive Residence, East wing, West wing, colonnades of The White House and Jacqueline Kennedy’s Garden


Perfect present for friends who are inventive

7. LEGO 21042

LEGO 21042

The LEGO 21042 is a LEGO architecture of the Statue of Liberty based in New York of the United States of America. It is a very precise model of the Statue of liberty. It includes the Lady Liberty herself, the crown and the golden torch. After finishing, the details on this set can be very astonishing to view.


It can be used as a centerpiece

6. LEGO 21043

LEGO 21043

LEGO 21043 is a LEGO architecture of the iconic buildings of San Francisco. It captures the life of San Francisco’s most ideal architectural wonders. The model of the city includes the Coit Tower, the Alcatraz prison, Golden Gate Bridge, Salesforce Tower, Fort Point, Transamerica Pyramid, and some other buildings.


After being built, it can be used as a showpiece in the office or back home.

5. LEGO 21044

LEGO 21044

The LEGO 21044 is a LEGO architecture of the beautiful city of Paris, France and the Eiffel tower. This model of LEGO designed like the city of Paris. It represents the skyline and the most ideal architectural works of the city. This includes the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe model, the Louvre, Grand Palais and the Champs Elysées.


Perfect centerpiece for a house

4. LEGO 21028

LEGO 21028

The LEGO 21028 is the LEGO model of the skylines of New York. The city that never sleeps. This model of New York city includes the Empire state building, the world trade center, Chrysler building, the flatiron building and lastly, The Statue of Liberty.


It comes with a booklet that which could be used for educational purposes

3. LEGO 21046

LEGO 21046

This LEGO 21046 is the LEGO architecture of the Empire state building which is an office based in New York, USA. This model of the empire state building includes 1767 pieces of Legos and is recommended for people who are over 16. This model has four cabs surrounding the building, a silver color stick resembling the antenna on top of the building, roads and is finished with the name written on the front of the model.


It can be used as collectable

2. LEGO 21052

LEGO 21052

The LEGO 21052 is a LEGO ARCHITECTURE for the city of Dubai. It includes all the skyscrapers of the city. This model of Lego includes the the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai Frame, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, and Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel. This model measures over thirty-three centimeters high, twenty-seven centimeters wide and seven centimeters deep. So, this does not need much storage space and the best thing about it is that it will surely catch the eye of everyone who passes by.


Can be used as a perfect centerpiece for anyone who loves Dubai.

1.LEGO 21034

LEGO 21034

The LEGO 21034 is a LEGO ARCHITECTURE for the city of London. All the famous historical landmarks of London in one place. This model of LEGO includes the Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, the national gallery the London eye and Tower Bridge. This model is five-inch-high, eleven-inch-wide and three-inch-deep with 468 pieces.


It can be used as a centerpiece for people who love London.

Lego Architecture Sets are the best thing to have at your home as it can be used as showpieces and the rare ones can be sold for a lot of money. So take a leap of faith and invest in one of these LEGO ARCHITECTURES and you will not regret it.


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