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Certain outfits can let you stand out in the crowd even though you aren’t in the mood to dress up. A long-sleeved cardigan can conveniently raise your fashion game by layering it on a basic white or multicolored tee, your favorite pair of jeans, and fresh white sneakers. However, to look stylish you will need a cardigan that fits perfectly, goes with most outfits, feels comfy, and not so heavy to carry. To let you buy better, here are the top 10 long sleeve cardigan that can step up your outfit game with ease.

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Best Long Sleeve Cardigan in 2022

1.MEROKEETY Open Front Cardigan

MEROKEETY Open Front Cardigan

If you prefer chunky or bulky cardigans, MEROKEETY cardigan will work great for cool summer nights. You can layer the cardigan up with anything and stay in this all day long.

The popcorn yarn fabric is perfect for all-weather and is pretty long with two large pockets on the sides. The length of this cardigan will cover your hips and keep you warm in moderately cold weather. It’s available in solid plain colors.

  • Chunky
  • Lightweight

2.Imily Bela Oversized Wrap Cardigan Sweater

Imily Bela Oversized Wrap Cardigan Sweater

Pair this cardigan up with a jean, V-necked top, boots, and you are good to go. Imily Bela cardigan sweater is a perfect slouchy one that you wouldn’t dare to miss. Just add a bit of uniqueness to whatever you are wearing with these amazingly good-looking cardigans.

The cardigan goes well off on any occasion. It features a tight ribbed part at the wrist and a balloon look on the upper half. Available in gorgeous colors to slay all day.

  • Versatile
  • Unique.

3.Astylish Cardigan Sweaters

Astylish Cardigan Sweaters

Turn your outfit game on with Astylish Cardigan Sweaters. The baggy look adds a cute touch for parties, dates, movie nights, or casuals. It’s almost a no-brainer to style this cardigan sweater as it’s so versatile.

It’s thick and warm to keep you slouchy in terrible weather conditions. The cardigan is available in multiple amazing colors that you wouldn’t resist yourself to fill in your cart.

  • Oversized
  • Good fit.

4.ZESICA Sweater Cardigan Coat

ZESICA Sweater Cardigan Coat

Create multiple looks with this stylish animal-printed long-sleeve cardigan. The bold patterns on the cardigan will give you a comfortable yet graceful look.

This cardigan is definitely a great pick for your closet because of its stretchy material. You can wear it every day, anywhere pairing it up with basic tops, leggings, and sneakers.

  • Extremely soft
  • Keeps warm.

5.MEROKEETY Open Front Cardigan

MEROKEETY Open Front Cardigan

Add this perfect layering piece to your wardrobe and style yourself with a trendy cardigan. MEROKEETY brings an excellent loose fitted cardigan to let you doll up with any outfit.

The fabric of this cardigan is suitable in winter, spring, and fall. It fits any body shape and makes you fall in love with its super comfy, flattering feels.

  • Loose fitted
  • Occasion friendly.

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6.OUGES Women’s Cardigan Shirt

OUGES Women's Cardigan Shirt

OUGES Cardigan Shirt is a kind of sweater that would never go out of date. This charming cardigan will lift your confidence in the crowd.

The design of OUGES cardigan catches all eyes showing the female curves and body lines marvelously. It’s beautifully tailored using premium fabric to bring out the confidence inside you.

  • Fashionable
  • Affordable.

7.Urban CoCo Open Cardigan

Urban CoCo Open Cardigan

If you are looking for a highly functional and uniquely designed long-sleeved cardigan, this is it. Urban CoCo cardigans can be styled up with any casual and formal outfits.

The quality of this cardigan is unbeatable. It’s made of lightweight polyester that gives a comfortable yet stylish appearance. The cardigan is available in beautiful classic colors.

  • Lightweight
  • Great fit.

8.MEROKEETY Women’s Neckline Cardigans

MEROKEETY Women's Neckline Cardigans

Who wouldn’t love to create an effortlessly stylish look? MEROKEETY cardigans are one of the prettiest sweaters to pair up with your favorites. The detailed buttons are a plus point that makes it more stylish.

The quality of this cardigan is top-notch. This beautiful cardigan is made of stretchy, quality materials. The metallic snap buttons give the cardigan a more casual look. You’ll also love the long-ribbed cuffs on the wrists.

  • High-quality
  • True to size.

9.YIBOCK Women’s Knit Cardigan Sweater

YIBOCK Women’s Knit Cardigan Sweater

Step up your style game wearing this trendy, wonderfully cozy cardigan. You can comfortably pair these up with a basic tank top and jeans to give a not-too elegant casual look.

The cardigan is oversized that suits any weather. It has two huge pockets on the sides to keep your essentials like a phone or wallet. What makes this a must-buy is the super-soft, warm material that lets you feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Chunky
  • Simple classy design.

10.Traleubie Women’s Chunky Cardigan Sweater

Traleubie Women's Chunky Cardigan Sweater

Get a perfect wrap to be all cozy with this chunky cardigan sweater. The cardigan drapes perfectly to make you look amazingly stylish. The pattern of this cardigan sweater goes well off with any casual outfit.

The cardigan is baggy which is loved by many. It fits perfectly and comes in a variety of colors to match daily wears. The material is stretchy so size will never be an issue. The warm comfort that comes with the cardigan is worth every penny.

  • Super soft
  • Eye-catching.

Hope you have already caught sight of the long-sleeved cardigan that you would love to purchase. Let us know how you have styled your outfit with the cardigan.

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