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One of the major body parts that need protection from the biting winter weather are your hands, people often fail to realize that our hands are the first to get uncomfortably cold most of the times, yet we often forget to protect them from the harsh cold, or just don’t wanna wear those years old knit gloves or chunky ski gloves around. Men leather gloves used to be high in fashion back in the day, they used to be a signature style paired with a suit for men, even though now they’re a bit less common, they’re still just as stylish, moreover they get the job done in keeping you warm.

Keep on reading to find some of the best ones out there that won’t just keep you warm but also add to your style. You just need a little guidance.

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Best Men Leather Gloves in 2022

1. Rob Riverdale 

Rob Riverdale 

If you’re someone who is on their phone a lot then these are just the right ones for you, apart from the classic look they’re also touchscreen-compatible. They’re also really warm and soft with their rabbit fur lining.

Additionally, they’re made of premium quality leather which makes them really durable. Also, the rabbit fur lining makes sure it’s comfortable to wear and keeps you warm.

  • Full Hand Touchscreen.
  • Non-slip palms.
  • Extreme Durability.

2. Riparo 


These gloves go especially well if you have a motorbike or a sports car, you can definitely show off with them. But not to worry if you don’t, these gloves still are a symbol of style with their bare-knuckle design and are sure to keep you sufficiently warm.

Even more, made from genuine leather, they’re reverse stitched and also unlined. Especially looks good in the colors black and cognac.

  • Handmade.
  • Wrist strap design.
  • Various colors and designs.

3. Carhartt 


These gloves are work-ready, they can take up almost any job in any condition. Plus, they’re not overly bulky and their pebbled leather provides you with great traction in almost anything you do.

These gloves are composed of 85% Polyester, 15% Polyurethane, and full System 5 synthetic leather upper. Consequently, the C100 3M Thinsulate insulation gives you maximum warmth.

  • High Dexterity.
  • Vented cuff.
  • Pull on closure.

4. Fly Hawk 

Fly Hawk 

These gloves are really breathable and equipped with nanotechnology they allow full hand touchscreen support, 10 fingers, and full palm as well, making them another great phone-friendly pair.

They’re made of premium quality lambskin leather with a warm cotton lining, making them warm. They also have knitted cuffs for better comfort while wearing, making this one of the greatest men’s leather gloves on the market.

  • Full Touchscreen support.
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation cotton.
  • Lambskin Leather.

5. Men’s Dress 

Men's Dress 

These offer the classic leather glove design from the formal-victorian era. Also, they’re great for formal events such as a ball or opera but also look great as casual wear. They provide you a classy vintage look on your hands. You can also pair this with a classic cardigan for a staple vintage look. The style you can go for is limitless.

Furthermore, the Men’s Dress is made with good quality leather but without much insulation, it still does keep your hand fairly warm.

  • Snap closure.
  • Vintage design.
  • Provides great fit.

6. Pierre Cardin 

Pierre Cardin 

These gloves are perfect as winter gloves as much as they are for stylish driving. They offer protection from harmful UV rays whether you’re in the car or walking outside.

Made with a 100% lambskin exterior and a 100% super soft polyester inside and the cinching wrist fit keeps the cold out while securing a great fit. These do have a snug fit, which should be taken into consideration before purchase.

  • Durable stitching.
  • Multipurpose gloves.
  • Unisex design.

7. Downholme


Downholme doesn’t just give you protection from the chilly winter mornings, but they make you look amazing. These gloves make you look much sophisticated, getting you ready for those formal events but also looking great as casual wear.

The outer is 100% genuine sheepskin leather and the lining, 100% pure cashmere. They’re incredibly soft and have a classy sophisticated yet practical design.

  • Various colors available.
  • 100% superior leather.
  • Seamlessly knitted cashmere.

8. Superbike 


These gloves don’t just provide your hands with proper warmth but they also come in with an anti-skid design that increases your grip on your motor to almost anything.

They’re made of genuine brown leather. They’re flexible, soft, lightweight, and durable. They assure more hand protection with their foam padding and hard plastic knuckles.

  • Touchscreen support on index finger.
  • Buckle button to keep the gloves together.
  • Anti skid.

9. Harrms 


Another pair of branded touchscreen-friendly gloves. These gloves allow all 10 fingers and full palm touchscreen support. They manage to keep you very warm while maintaining the style.

They’re made from real and premium lambskin leather and have a high-quality warm lining to give you extra warmth and comfort while wearing it. It’s also compatible with any drycleaning methods, just don’t use bleach.

  • Full touchscreen support.
  • Refund and free replacement if not satisfied.
  • Hand made by professionals.

10. Nappa 


Spend your winter in style with these gloves from Nappa, they’re sure to protect you from the biting cold weather and also provide great comfort and softness to wear. They also come with a one-year warranty.

They have a luxurious Italian design with practical performance and are also made from the highest quality Italian lambskin leather, fully lined with long fleece, they’re sure to be a great winter accessory.

  • Full Touchscreen support.
  • Entirely Handmade.
  • Available in multiple colors and designs.

These are our top 10 picks to keep your hand warm and protected from the cold, all while not giving up on your fashion statement. From touchscreen capable to pure fashion to even durability, choose the best men leather gloves to fit your specific needs and go out this winter in style!!

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