Best Closet Organizers In 2022 | Keep it Clean and Neat!

Being a neat freak is no longer a bad thing since minimalistic features in everything is the new trend now. If you find yourself bothered by the unorganized mess you see every day in your closet, it’s high time that you get closet organizers for boosting up your tidiness.

Despite the handy features of all closet organizers, not all of them are built with durability and useful overall features in mind. Choosing a suitable divider or shelving unit can be a hassle if you want your closet to look stylish while still enjoying massive utility. Luckily, we have the answer you need. Here are some of the best closet organizers neatly curated into a list. Let’s jump right in!

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Best Closet Organizers In 2022

10. PRINCE HANGER Double 2 Tier Hanger & Shelves

PRINCE HANGER Double 2 Tier Hanger & Shelves - Closet Organizers

If you seem to run out of storage real fast, this double-hanger can be your best bet. Besides, it’s suitable to display your clothes too.

The hanger is made with a Scandinavian touch featuring accented black hooks and white stands.

  • Extra hook to hang hats or scarves
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Built-in curtain for privacy

9. StorageWise Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers

StorageWise Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers - Closet Organizers

This nifty little closet organizer does precisely what is advertised. Further, it’s a sturdy shelf divider to keep your closet compartments separate.

The materials are artificially made from clear acrylic. In addition, you can put an extreme load on the compartment divider by stowing shoes, towels, or knits, and it still wouldn’t break.

  • Sold as packs of two
  • Transparent build for easy visibility

8. LANGRIA 15-Cube Shoe Rack

LANGRIA 15-Cube Shoe Rack - Closet Organizers

This shoe organizer is your solution to that huddled up the mess of shoes at the bottom of your closet. Certainly, it is good to organize by compartmentalization.

There are separate shelves for each type of shoe. The modern, streamlined design also offers useful utility.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Modular system for easy compartmentalization

7. HOMEIDEAS Pants Hangers

HOMEIDEAS Pants Hangers - Closet Organizers

As simple as it may sound, hangers are part and parcel of organizing any closet. Moreover, these ultra-minimalistic pant hangers do one heck of a good job at keeping your clothes neat and tidy.

The bend and curvature of the hangers are suitable to hang scarves or pants. Additionally, you can even drape over your sweater on it and keep it crease-free overnight using this hanger.

  • Wavy S-shaped design for easy accessibility
  • Suitable for both male and female

6. mDesign Decorative Metal Closet Wall Mount Jewelry Accessory Organizer

mDesign Decorative Metal Closet Wall Mount Jewelry Accessory Organizer - Closet Organizers

If you want to utilize your closet door for extra storage space, this wall-mounted organizer can be an excellent spot to store your jewelry.

The build is relatively straightforward with nothing too fancy. Certainly, it’s suitable for a simple ornament lover.

  • Can hang off the top of your closet door
  • Multifaceted shelves for easy accessibility

5. SUNKY – Foldable Storage Bag

SUNKY - Foldable Storage Bag - Closet Organizers

This add-on storage bag is perfect for your closet if you are not the type to show off your wardrobe and wish to stash your clothes away from sight. It comes in minimalistic colors.

Made with luxurious soft-touch cloth, this storage bag is also very portable. It’s light-weight and can store lots of clothes inside.

  • Fabric handles on both sides for easy mobility
  • Zippers with each pocket for added protection

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4. ClosetMaid 5062 All-Purpose Organizer

ClosetMaid 5062 All-Purpose Organizer - Closet Organizers

You can put this shelving unit on top of your regular closet and use it as an extension. It is very spacious for a compact model.

The whiteboard material is super sturdy. It is strong enough to hold baskets, clutches, or even an additional storage trunk.

  • Stackable design
  • Shelves and cubbies to store bags or purses

3. Sorbus Storage Bins Boxes

Sorbus Storage Bins Boxes - Closet Organizers

This storage bin sets itself apart from other closet organizers owing to its rigidity and ruggedness. It comes in a set of two.

The stacked setup of the organizer makes it easily accessible. In addition, the structure is built of wireframe to keep it upright.

  • Top-zipper design with a clear window at the front
  • Collapsible for easy storage

2. mDesign Extra Wide Dresser Storage Tower

mDesign Extra Wide Dresser Storage Tower - Closet Organizers

Along with cubby drawers with massive storage space inside, this chic dresser tower can be your top choice if you are looking for a fashionable closet organizer.

The entire setup of the dresser tower is customizable. Besides, you can expand or minimize it based on your requirements with the spare parts from the manufacturers.

  • Five-drawer setup
  • Expandable to a more oversized organizer

1. Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits

Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits - Closet Organizers

Simply well-engineered for any closet, this configurable organizer is at the pinnacle of offering intuitive features. Furthermore, it can be made to fit in any size imaginable.

The closet kit suits nicely walk-in closets since it is ultra-wide at almost 12-feet. You can hang jackets up to 8-feet long in the hanger

  • Customizable shelves and hangers
  • Easy-to-install brackets and rails

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Whether you’re a believer in minimalism or just like to hoard up your closet, keeping it organized can always be a struggle. We selected these closet organizers while supporting a wide range of requirements and needs in mind of all types of closet owners. There are bags, shelves, hangers, and even a full-fledged miniature closet for expanding your existing one. Just choose one that suits your needs perfectly, and you can start organizing your wardrobe right away!

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