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If you are all about smart home gadgets, chances are you already know about smart locks. To let you have full control over the security of your house, Google smart locks can do wonders. Not only will it give the best protection, but it will also allow you to control it via Google assistant.

So, if you don’t mind going an extra mile for the safety of your house, invest on a Google smart lock right away. To help you make the right choice, below is a list of Google smart locks available online!

Best Google Smart Locks 

10. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

Google smart locks tend to be pricey. But, if you are short on cash, have a look at this one.

Even though this lock comes with an affordable price tag, it has a sleek silver grey design and sturdy construction. Made with third-generation technology, the innovative design of this smart lock makes it incredibly user friendly.

  1. Easy DIY installation.
  2. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  3. Door Sense technology.

9. Sesame Google Home Smart Lock

Sesame Google Home Smart Lock

This lock right here will allow you to turn your single-turn lock into a smart one, without having to splurge much.

This champagne gold colored smart lock has a durable metal construction. It comes in a range of colors so you can choose the one that matches your door the most.

  1. Auto lock and unlock.
  2. Easy sharing access.
  3. Customizable public API.

8. Yale Assure Google Smart Lock

Yale Assure Google Smart Lock

If you’re looking for an interior door lock that does its job well, this smart lock is one of the best options out there.

This lock features a traditional lever design with a physical lock. Its satin nickel coating on top of metal brushed material, also makes it elegant to look at.

  1. Customizable entry code feature.
  2. Easy-to-use backlit keypad.
  3. Compatible with voice assistance.

7. Kwikset Smart Lock

Kwikset Smart Lock

Are you in need of a smart lock for your rental properties? Then, hands down this is the best one available in the market.

With Venetian bronze finish, this smart lock resembles a lot like a mini smartphone. It also has a durable construction that’ll protect your door against break-in techniques.

  1. Can create up to 250 user codes.
  2. Fingerprint user code identification.
  3. Patented security feature.

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6. Igloohome Smart Lock

Igloohome Smart Lock

If striking design along with maximum security is the first thing you look for in a smart lock, then opt for this one.

With a minimalistic black finish this smart lock is not only sleek to look at, but it also does a great job protecting the house with its multiple entry modes.

  1. Auto relock feature.
  2. Masking security code.
  3. Keypad security lockout.

5. Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock

Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock

If you always would like to have your door access from literally anywhere, Lockly Pro lock is for you.

This smart lock is meticulously designed to offer the best possible security. It also has a unique digital keypad that makes it almost guess the right code.

  1. Offline access codes.
  2. Advanced 3D fingerprint sensor.
  3. Peek-proof digital keypad.

4. Schlage Smart Lock

Schlage Smart Lock

The brand Schlage has been around for a very long time and recently they have come up with this smart lock that aims to make your life more convenient.

It features a keyless design that is 100% bump and pick-proof. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so the construction is pretty solid too.

  1. Built-in alarm technology.
  2. Z-wave automation system.
  3. Hands-free voice control feature.

3. August Pro Home Smart Lock

August Pro Home Smart Lock

Even though you’ll have to splurge a couple hundred bucks on this one, this smart lock has myriads of advanced features that make it irresistible to get.

Built with premium-grade metal, this smart lock has a powder-coated finish. It also has a holding force of 600 pounds that depicts its durability.

  1. Doorsense technology.
  2. Compatible with Alexa and smartphones.
  3. Backed by one year warranty.

2. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock


Are you bored out of your wits with your same old lock? The ULTRALOQ smart lock automatically locks as you leave and unlocks on its own when you arrive.

This high-end smart lock is designed to be dustproof and withstand heat and cold… It features a pretty simple design that won’t require much time for installation.

  1. MicroUSB for backup power.
  2. Anti-peep keypad.
  3. 360° fingerprint ID.

1. SimpliSafe Smart Lock

SimpliSafe Smart Lock

Our top pick, SimpliSafe syncs with virtual assistants and makes sure that your door is always locked.

With a white powder coated finish, this smart lock is really lightweight and yet durable. Featuring a minimalist design, it prevents damaging of the door and is also beautiful to look at.

  1. Prevents unauthorized entry.
  2. Automatically locks when arming the system.
  3. Sends notification before each entry.

To sum it up, now that you made it to the end of the article, you wish you luck choosing the right google smart lock for your home!

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