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In our day and age, small fridge freezers have become a daily essential, especially in tropical regions. The humid and heat dehydrates everyone and sometimes just too tiring to get up from bed in the middle of the night and make our way to the kitchen for some cold drink to wash away the thirst. They even come in handy in offices and college dorms.

So whether it is keeping cold brew and water or for chilling midnight snacks small fridges are very important. Given below are the top of the best small fridge freezers. Have a look.

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Best Small Fridge Freezers in 2022

9. Black Mini Fridge INSIGNIA

Black Mini Fridge INSIGNIA - Small Fridge Freezers

This would make a very chic addition to anyone. It’s even more alluring because of its black color and it sticks to the price of only 89.99 dollars. The only con of this product would be it does not come with a freezer.

It stands tall at a height of 27.6 inches and has a width of 19.1 inches and lastly has a holding capacity of 2.6 cubic feet.


There are three shelves inside and the bottom one is tall enough to store the bigger bottles. The side of the door also has can and bottle storage space. This product also has an adjustable thermostat.

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8. Compact Refrigerator MIDEA

Compact Refrigerator MIDEA - Small Fridge Freezers

This little number is the most popular on Amazon as it has over a thousand reviews. Though tiny it a costly product with a price of 359.94 dollars. This has a stainless steel finish and black combination.

It has a height of 17.7 inches width of 18.6 inches and has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet.


It is super compact with just one shelf that can hold up to 24 bottles. This also has a very small freezer and adjustable legs. Best of all it is noise-free.

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7. 2-Door Mini Fridge with Freezer ARCTIC KING

2-Door Mini Fridge with Freezer ARCTIC KING - Small Fridge Freezers

This is the most popular pick in Walmart. This two-door masterpiece has a dedicated place for every food and beverage. It has a price of only 134 dollars.

It has the dimensions of L 18.5 x W 19.4 x H 33.0. This also includes interior lighting and adjustable legs and a reversible door hinge for right or left opening.


It comes with a freezer, a compartment of six cans, and a shelf. The freezer has a door of its own as well.

6. Compact Refrigerator COSTWAY

Compact Refrigerator COSTWAY - Small Fridge Freezers

The specialty of this compact refrigerator is that it’s just like a regular fridge but smaller. This is the best addition for a dorm.

This was designed for easy cleaning and usage. The fridge is black in color and has a glossy finish with dimensions of L 20 x W 17.5 x H 34 inches


It has a separate freezer with its own door and removable and adjustable glass shelves. It also includes an ice tray, crisper drawer, and an internal thermometer so you can easily adjust the temperature.

5. Contemporary Classic All Refrigerator DANBY

Contemporary Classic All Refrigerator DANBY - Small Fridge Freezers

If you are a beer lover then this is the best pick for you but mind you this will not work for anything else, this little number is only for thirsty people.

It has a scratch-resistant worktop and white LED interior light. The dimensions of this product are 20.43 x 17.68 x 20.08 inches.


It has a space for tall bottles on the door and also has can holders. This also has reversible doors that is very helpful for small spaces.

4. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer COOLULI

Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer COOLULI - Small Fridge Freezers

This is the best portable small fridge freezers out there weighing at only 4 pounds.

This comes in 7 different colors and fun patterns. It has the dimensions of 7. 25″ W x 10. 25″ L x 10. 75″ H


It can fit 6 cans inside. It is travel-friendly as it can be powered by a USB port. This also has a warming system. This product is mainly used for storing skincare items.

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3. Retro Compact Refrigerator DAEWOO

Retro Compact Refrigerator DAEWOO - Small Fridge Freezers

This product here is slightly taller but very aesthetic-looking.

This comes in a hot red color and it is 36 inches high but you can get it in a 2.8 cubic foot size.


It has very flexible usage as there is no fixed compartment for anything and you choose and pick items that you actually want to keep cool.

2. 14-Bottle Wine Cooler INSIGNIA

14-Bottle Wine Cooler INSIGNIA - Small Fridge Freezers

This number is a stylish solution to keeping your beverages cool. Keep in mind though as this fridge is mainly used to keep wine bottles cool.

It has a height of 19.4 inches and width of 18.88 and a length of 17.2 inches. It has a glass door so you can see what’s inside. Interested in other models of wine coolers?


It is very safe to store wines bottles and it can also be used to keep cans and other drink bottles cold as well.

1. RCA Igloo Compact Fridge

RCA Igloo Compact Fridge - Small Fridge Freezers

This sleek piece is a complete must-have for office workers. It comes in 8 colors and has a nice finish. The thermostat is adjustable and makes it easy to use.


It has a door basket for 2-liter bottles and an ice cube chamber with a tray. It has low energy consumption. The door is reversible.

Hopefully, this article has been enlightening to you and helps you pick out your favorite one out of these 9.

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