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Unboxing Barbie Ultimate Kitchen Reviews

In the midst of making dinner, making meals for guests, and organizing their kitchen playset, kids master leadership, build a sense of organizing, helping, and thinking. Hence, their play sessions can also be considered as experimenting sessions. The Barbie Ultimate Kitchen will enable kids to experiment all while having fun.

Why Should Kids Play with a Kitchen Playset?

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

Before we start reviewing the Barbie Ultimate Kitchen, we would first like to address the necessities for a child to play with kitchen sets. When your child plays with the kitchen playsets, they are not only playing. They’re also role-playing, carrying out their responsibilities in their imaginary world. The imaginary world they set is enhancing their creative skills along with imaginative powers. They’re also engaging themselves in different activities. Their communication skill is getting sharp. They’re crafting solutions for their problem which is enhancing their thinking capabilities. Furthermore, while organizing the kitchen accessories, they’re learning how to organize and make room for things. Keeping them busy with a kitchen play set is a far better idea than keeping them busy with phones, TV, or video games, in our opinion. The more important thing is, they are learning basic life skills while playing.

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Why Should You Buy a Barbie Ultimate Kitchen?

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

Since 1959, Barbie has always been toddlers’ most favorite toy. With time, Barbie has also upgraded herself. Over 200 careers and variations in cultural backgrounds made Barbie a positive role model for the kids, especially for girls. Now Barbie adds another section which is the ultimate kitchen playset. The playtime treats will only get more delicious with this playset, but their imaginary culinary session will also get a new color.

What’s in the Box of Barbie Ultimate Kitchen?

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen set comes with 20 pieces of cooking accessories. The set includes five different colors of cooking dough and the stove has sounds of frying and water boiling along with a red light. The culinary experiences will get to a new level while pretending to play! Wait! There’s more to it. It has an oven, sandwich maker, French fry maker, and a chopping board. Doors of all faux appliances open and close. The fun part is the dough to create things by yourself. Want some fresh veggies? Make them by yourself with the colorful doughs in the detailed mold. The set has five colors of dough- red, green, yellow, orange, and beige, all in five different boxes. What can you make with those vibrant doughs? Let’s find out! Craving for a sandwich? Well making a sandwich is a clinch with Barbie Ultimate Kitchen. Just remove the sandwich mold from the sandwich maker, put some dough in the silver sandwich mold, place it into the sandwich maker’s slot, then push it down with the press. After that, you slowly move the slider of the stack to one side. A yummy sandwich is ready to fill your tummy!


Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

Who wants some French fries with the sandwich? Put the mold in the fryer and press down the handle. Here you go! Your sandwich with French fries is ready. Mood for some Italian? Bake a healthy veggie pizza with colorful doughs. Want something light for dinner? What about making some soup? Place the dough in the veggie station inside the chopping board and press it with that board. You’ll get your fresh veggies. Then put them in the blue pot and place them on the stove. Turn on the stove with the switch. It’ll light up with red color. Well, baking the pie is now easy with the Barbie Ultimate Kitchen! Place a thin layer of dough in the pie mold, put the filling, cover it up with dough, and put it in the oven. The ding will let you know that your pie is ready. Serve freshly baked pie to your guests, straight out of the oven!

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

Other than the faux appliances, the Barbie Ultimate Kitchen set has cooking materials such as a spatula, knife, frying pan, pot, bowl, tongs, and much more to accessorize the kitchen.Moreover, there’s also a mini refrigerator with a working door. So, whether Barbie wants to keep leftovers after dinner or to pre-make dishes, she can do it all. While there’s room to let your toddlers’ imagination roam around, you might wonder how to keep track of all these little pieces. Well, the Barbie Ultimate Kitchen has a built-in storage system with cabinets, shelves, and hanging pegs to keep things organized. After all, Barbie likes to keep things in place. Speaking of organizing, Barbie has a cute polka dot kitchen apron so that when she’s busy flexing her cooking skills while preparing meals her dress doesn’t get dirty.

Things to Keep in Mind

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

While the doughs are satisfying in terms of keeping things organized, beware of the little ones because they might put them in their mouth, and try to gulp it down and face choking. Besides, since the whole thing is made of plastic, keep it away from children who are below four years because it might be unsafe. It fitted nicely inside our Kidkraft Barbie Dollhouse. But if your dream house is from Mattel, it might not fit altogether. In that case, you can split them into three parts.

Barbie has been coloring children’s lives for 61 years. It just steps ahead of the Barbie Ultimate Kitchen set. We hope our aim to give you a 360-degree view of the Barbie Ultimate Kitchen set has been accomplished. You can go ahead and purchase one set from the store and gift it to your little ones without worry and enjoy being a guest at their place when they are having their imaginary party.

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