Best LED Strip Lights of 2020 | Greatest For Room Lighting Decoration!

These thin strips have tiny SMD chips that emit colorful lights according to your preference. The LED strip lights can length up to five meters and can be attached to pretty much anything. And if it does not fit, you can always cut the length according to your desired length. Some strips are waterproof so you can use them in your washroom or kitchen too.

Most of these need a constant power supply, so it is best to keep it away from water. These are generally placed by bannisters, countertops or cabinets for a stylistic accent or dim lighting. Here are the top brands in the market!

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Top 10 Best LED Strip Lights of 2020

10. LED Strip Lights by Govee

You can change the settings of these light strips through voice control via Govee Home application, Alexa or Google Assistant. It follows simple commands such as “turn the lights off” or “set the color to.”

You can DIY your favourite colors with the help of the application.


The lights have a built-in microphone that changes the lights with the music. It also has a timer mood.

9. LED Strip Lights by GUSODOR

You can change the colors and modes of this strip light with the application “Lotus Lantern.” This feature allows you to decorate for any possible occasion.

You can make your own unique colors with the help of the application and even synchronize it with your music.


There are twenty-eight dynamic modes. The previous settings are not disrupted when the light strips are shut down or rebooted. It is also waterproof.

8. Smart Dreamcolor RGB LED Strips by GIDERWEL

Build the perfect home theater with the help of these lights. They are not only fun but functional too as they reduce the strain in your eyes.

You can control the lights by setting up the “Magic Home Pro” application on your phone.


It supports Alexa or Google Home. It requires a 3-point connector.

7. LED Strip Lights by QZYL

There are five modes you can enjoy- color, style, music, mic and timing mode.

You can dim or brighten the lights to adapt to certain scenarios and you have over 16 million colors to pick from.


There are three rolls of 13 feet strips of light. It can be cut and linked.

6. LED Strip Lights by L8star

If you need lights that will set up an ambiance for a formal dinner or a crazy party, then you should probably invest in these lights.

You can adjust the brightness of these strips from either the remote or the smartphone application. You can also change the modes with a microphone!


There are five-speed moves which you can also modify with the speed buttons. You can also put up multiple lights at the same time.

5. LED Strip Lights by MINGER

You can easily customize these strips according to your moods as they come in six different modes!

The strips can shape themselves to any objects you want to place them on.


The strips come in either 16.4 feet or 32.8 feet. The lights have twenty basic colors.

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4. LED Strip Lights by Signcomplex

 This low consumption is thick in size so they dissipate less heat despite having high CRI LED chips.

You can cut the strips according to your needs and you can easy loop them around. The only thing you need to remember is that the connections cannot be more than 10 meters long.


The strips have a double sided PCB which is very easy to install.

3. LED Strip Lights by DAYBETTER

Your only task while operating this is to check whether you connected the anode with the anode.

The strip is 32.8 feet long and has a strong adhesive compared to other brands. You might need to get an additional connector if you want to adjust the strip to a smaller object.


The strip comes with a remote control receiver and an AC/DC adapter. You can either choose any of the default colors or customize your own with the DIY buttons.

2. LED Strip Lights by Micomlan

Enjoy numerous color combinations with twenty-two dynamic modes with these strip lights.

You can control the lights by three means- the remote, the microphone, or the three buttons. The microphone mode makes the light pulsate according to your vocals or music.


It requires no additional wiring to set it up. The wires are 32.8 feet long.

1. LED Strip Lights by SYLVANIA General Lighting

If you are looking for a way to brighten up your porch or hallways, this LED Light Strip by Slyvania is the perfect choice for you.

The strip comes with a kit which includes the AC power cord, clips, and screws so you can easily adjust it according to your needs.


These strips are energy-efficient and need low power.

In conclusion, LED Strip Lights are a welcome addition to any party because they can be adjusted to cater any event. It also amps up your room by providing an additional source of light. Since they are available in various lumen and adjustable colors, you can be creative with how you want to highlight your room. Most of them can be cut and joined together so you do not have to worry about the lengths or size.

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