Best Victorinox Knife Set of 2020 | Greatest Choices for Chefs!

Top 20 Best Victorinox Knife Set of 2020

Many would think the knives of Victorinox to be just a regular pocket-knife but it is more than that. These knives are so strong and sharp that you can use them in your kitchen. It has gained the popularity of being used as a kitchen knife that can last a lifetime due to its durability.

To have these knives in your kitchen is a must as it can help you to prepare your meals efficiently. Even if you are not planning to use these knives in the food preparation then it can be still used to complement the whole kitchen décor. There are a lot of brands in the current market and just because a brand is famous that doesn’t mean it will satisfy your every need.

With all the points to look out for, here are the best top 10 Victorinox Knife set of 2020.

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1. Victorinox Swiss Army Steak Bundle

If you are a person who loves to chop, mince, and dice meats, fruits, vegetables perfectly, then the Santoku knife is a perfect match for you. Moreover, this steak bundle set includes a four and a half inches blade, a spear tip, and to keep them sharp for a lifetime, and the edge is serrated. You can also use steak knives for different purposes.

To avoid food from sticking to the blade, these knives have a hollowed edge as well.


2.  Victorinox Forschner Swiss Classic Set

This set consists of a knife that has a fashionable slip-resistant handle and a commercial-grade blade. In addition, this contemporary handle is quite safe for dishwashers. Certainly, to hold the polish and sharpness for a long time, it has tapered cutting edge in two directions.

This knife set maintains the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved quality and has a fashionable design.


3. Victorinox Swiss Classic Steak Set

The knives blade has a distinct super thin edge. Further, its contemporary fibrox handle makes them slip-resistant and the blades are non-serrated.

The knives are comfortable to use.


4. Victorinox Swiss Classic 18-piece Knife Block Set

If you want to buy a whole set of knives to fulfill your every need, you can try this. Furthermore, this set includes a four-inch serrated paring knife, four-inch paring knife, six-inch boning knife, four and a half-inch serrated utility knife, five-inch prep knife. You also get an eight-inch chef’s knife, seven-inch santoku knife, bread knife, which is eight and a quarter, it also comes with ten-inch sharpening steel. Additionally, it also has a ten and a quarter slicing knife, six steak knives which are four and a half-inch each, and the cherry on top is the seventeen slot knife block.

This knife set is professional-grade and comes with a lifetime warranty as well.


5. Victorinox Swiss Army Serrated Steak Knife Set

This stylish, well-designed steak knife set is a beautiful addition to your dining table. In addition, the four and a half-inch knife slices meat like butter. Its handle design is made for comfortable usage, and the blade has a weight balance.

The knives have a wavy edge design that prevents you from tearing or ripping your meat.


6. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Knife Set

Both the home-cooks and chefs prefer this knife set. Moreover, there is almost no task that cannot be done by this knife set. Additionally, the weight ratio, the comfortable handle, and the sharp blades make it more evident.

It is designed to be comfortable and for productive usage.


7. Victorinox Forschner Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Roll Set

The blades of this cutlery roll set are made of high carbon stainless steel. Also, this set includes seven pieces of knives: a chef’s knife, boning knife, spear point paring knife, offset curved bread knife, Granton slicer, as well as a polyester roll bag and nine-inch honing steel.

This set is made using high-quality materials as well.


8. Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dressing Kit

There are six pieces included in this set, which are a six-inch boning knife, a ten-inch scimitar, a six-inch fillet, an eight-inch breaking knife, a three and a quarter inch paring knife, along with ten-inch honing steel if you need to correct knives edge.

It has a beautiful design, and the materials are long-lasting.


9. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Knife Set

Preferred by both home cooks and professional chefs, this Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife Set can be used to do any kitchen task. It is crafted with comfortable handles and razor-sharp edges that last for a very long time.

This knife set comes with an excellent design and high quality.


10. Victorinox Cutlery Swiss Classic Knife Block Set

This knife set is an excellent addition for both home chefs and professional chefs. This set includes fifteen pieces:s a steak knife, a paring knife, utility knife, santoku knife, bread, and chef’s knives. Besides, you also get honing steel, hardwood blocks, and kitchen shears.

One of the best quality products with a user-friendly design.


11. Messermeister San Moritz

This nine-piece knife set is super easy to handle, efficient, and elegant looking. The set contains a variety of blades that are available for you to use in your kitchen.


12. VictorinoxFibrox Chef Knife 8-inch


The Chef’s knife from Victorinox is one of the cheapest yet the most efficient at getting the work done faster and better than other knives. You can achieve a top-notch performance with its sharp blades.


13. Mercer Genesis 

The 6-piece knife set from Mercer Genesis is recommended by many professional chefs from around the world. It has variety in its blade that you can use in your works daily. It is protected with a glass block for security and safety.


14. Victorinox Swiss Army three-piece Set

The product that is made in Switzerland is great at cutting through the materials it is assigned to. There are different types of blades in this set and the blades are made of stainless steel which allows you to cut through faster.


15. Zwilling Henckels Four Star

This is one of the oldest products in the market. It started its journey in the 1980s and have continued to move on with their high-performance products. The different blades are the reason why you can easily use this device with ease and comfort.


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16. Wusthof Classic

The seven-piece classic set from the German company Wusthof is great at performing any tasks that are assigned to it in the kitchen. The slick dark wooden texture on the knives makes it look classy and can complement any environment when put into.


17. Global G-Series

The one-piece construction and high-performance cutting are what make this Set from Global popular in the market. The blades in this set are toned down that allow it to be sharp and sleek.


18. Victorinox Classic Four-inch Paring Knife

The thing that makes this knife stand out from others is that it has a lifetime condition warranty. This means once you purchase this device then you won’t have to worry about another one anymore.

The knives are great at cutting through any food due to their sharpness. You can easily use it as it is not that heavy.


19. Shun Classic

The seven-piece attractive set of knives is responsible for accurate cuts in the kitchen. The blades in this knife are known for their fast, accurate cuts due to made up of high-quality steel.


20. Shun Premier

The knife set is used by many professional chefs from around the world as they provide accurate and faster cuts than other sets of knives. The blades are sharp and they feature a touching finish. This set of seven-pieces is known for its high-performance and premium cuts.


Victorinox Knife Set is great when you want to use them in the kitchen as they can provide faster and accurate cuts altogether. You can buy them as a kitchen appliance that will match and complement your décor. This set will give you the upper hand if you want to start your journey in the field of cooking.

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